Lori Osborn,


Lori is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who feels both honored and privileged to assist clients through their journey of healing and acceptance. She understand the difficulties and complexities of making the first step towards the healing process. She is a compassionate non-judgemental therapist who accepts clients for where they are at in life. Lori provides a safe and supportive environment for all of her clients which helps foster not only growth but the hope necessary for healing and the ability to move forward.

Lori enjoys working with individuals of all age groups, couples and families including larger family systems and non-traditional families. Lori has extensive experience in couples therapy where she provide a non-threatening safe atmosphere. This also includes a non-biased view point as she believes in the importance of being neutral.

Lori comes with life experience and years of practicing in the field. She has a true passion for walking with clients through their journey of emotional healing and self discovery. She also believes in the gift of humor when applied at appropriate times. Humor can be amazingly therapeutic.

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Direct Phone: 316-282-4526