Mont Yourdon,


Mont’s philosophy of therapy is holistic, meaning he believes people are made up of many parts (mind, body, and spirit) and interact in many different environments. These parts are not independent of one another but work together. Mont is a Christian. He believes we are created for relationships. We know ourselves in the context of our relationships. Healing occurs through restoring relationships and refining our interactions within those relationships. His approach to therapy is from a systemic perspective. People work in relational systems and each person in the relationship is important to the balance of the whole system.

When relationships become out of balance, it’s a result of different factors or patterns, which can be examined in therapy. Mont places a strong emphasis on healthy communication, clear boundaries, and attachment experiences. He counsels families, couples, and individuals. His counseling is grounded in Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and the Gospel.

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