Our Services & Fees


Our therapists are ready to provide Individual, Couple, Marital and Family therapy to clients of all ages. We also provide parenting evaluations, workshops, group therapy and speaking engagements.



Healthy Connections FlyerHealthy Connections: This women’s group will work on the secrets to healthy relationships and creating new satisfying connections with your spouse, children and close friends. Women ages 16-116 are welcome. We meet every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. You are welcome to join at any time. The cost is $10 per person per meeting. Please contact Brooke Miller at 316-650-1877 or Kari Vitosh at 316-247-0503 to get signed up. Learn More.



Married for LifeStay Married for Life: This couples group meets on Thursdays from 6-7:30 p.m. and runs for 10 weeks. The cost is $35 per couple per week. This includes the “Stay Married for Life” materials. Please contact CJ at 316-217-2579 to register and reserve your spot.


Introducing RecoveryIntroducing Recovery: First Steps to Freedom. Recovery First Steps to Freedom. This 26 week course is for anyone who is struggling with addiction of any kind. This includes alcohol, drugs, food, sex or anything else. Classes are forming now. Please contact Chris Brunson at (316) 204-0190 for more information and to register.


Our Therapeutic Services begin at the rate of $90.00 per clinical hour. A clinical hour is 50 minutes in length. This allows time for the therapist to complete documentation and prepare for your next session. Auxiliary Services such as reports generated or time in court at the request of a client or their attorney will be charged at rates beginning at $90.00 per hour.

Both Therapeutic and Auxiliary Services are charged by the quarter hour.

Please call for our fees for speaking engagements and workshops.


Some of our therapists submit claims to specific insurance companies. If insurance is not filed by the therapist, many clients choose to submit claims for reimbursement to their insurance. Your therapist will provide you with receipts and treatment codes should you desire to do so. Please discuss specific insurance questions with your therapist.

We accept Master Card, Visa, Personal Checks and Debit cards.